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Act of Peace

By Ray Cruz



I declare peace
I have no enemy
The skirmish lines have faded
The battle cries are dated.

I declare peace
I have no enemy
My weapons have no target
My anger is disheartened.

I declare peace
I have no enemy
The blood that has been shed
Does not bequest more dead.

I declare peace
I have no enemy
The bullets in my gun
Replaced by poems sung.

I recognize the face
But not the line
And oftentimes the race
Looks much like mine.

Governments have enemies
People have but families.
Politics divorces one and all
To benefit the few with virtues small.

To those I have offended
I ask for your forgiveness
At least to let me sing
My final song of peace.

I declare peace
I have no enemy
Do you?



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The Challenge of Teaching Peace

Teaching hate is simple and often brutal.

Teaching peace, understanding and love is more challenging and requires genius, patience and a strong heart.

Hate mongers line the roadways in all parts of the world, and are often self-serving and hypocritical.

Peace advocates must courageously overcome the skepticism of many.

Democracy itself cannot guarantee a policy of peace without the benefit of education, a constitution that protects minority interests, and courageous leaders who are willing to challenge the majority.

For, although it is natural to love your neighbor, it is also convenient and often efficient to make enemies of minorities, foreigners, competitors and visionaries who advocate new perspectives and values.

You may be the majority by advocating a 'no enemies' philosophy, but many people will question your logic and doubt your conclusions.  Understand that 'no enemies' is not efficient and many people invest in corporations that can only profit by efficiency. 

If the human species wishes to support nature, we must learn to compromise our greedy appetites, balance immediate commercial profits against long-term ecological support, and try to step out of the treadmill that reduces the value of life to what we can produce.  Be ready to battle against big money and big corporations that rule the world.

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See also Words of Peace.  More poetry by Ray Cruz at www.ergonica.com/grooming.htm.

Books about peace are collected at www.2givenow.org/books4peace/index.htm.



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