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Ergonica World of Weeds Identification, Gardening and Weed Removal Tools
World of Weeds: Everything you ever wanted to know about weeds but were afraid to ask. Weed identification photos, EWIRM weed identification database, gardening tips about controlling weeds, science projects ideas, weed poetry, garden tools, weed tools, and much more.

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The Drill: Protect Your Family Against COVID-19 - It's HERE NOW!

Though N95 face masks are in hot demand around the world, with the supply chain mostly sourced in China, we have located numerous sources for both N95 filter types needed by our care providers, and other filters suitable for consumers while shopping or walking outdoors, such as for pollution and sports. Many municipalities are now requiring everyone to wear these types of masks whenever you step outdoors. There are also surgical N95 masks on the market, fashion styled and both child N95 and child smog masks. N95 facemasks are either reusable or disposable and are currently available to consumers who may be infected or living with those in isolation. Because of the rapid market, some listed items may already be sold out, resulting in a broken link. But more are also available. Please don't buy any offer that appears to be overpriced, and only buy what you expect you'll need for the next few months. Don't hoard! Acceptable standard codes are N95(USA), KN95(China), KN94(Korea), FFP2-FFP3(EU) and NIOSH(CDC) including N95, N99 and N100. Enjoy bigger discounts when buying in packs of 50 or 100, for example. See DIY face mask instructions in videos playlist which may be useful while shopping around for quality products. Bandanas and hairbands for your DIY face coverings are readily available, as well. Because of the growing number of asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic infected people in our communities, the CDC now recommends wearing some type of cloth face covering in public settings, especially when it's difficult to maintain safe social distancing, primarily to protect others. We go a step further and urge all seniors and vulnerable folks to wear N95 masks whenever out in public during these times. This is to protect yourself and others, as well.

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Large Families - Virus Spread During Incubation Period

As you know, many Angelinos, like New Yorkers, have large families, a common practice among many cultures in major cities throughout the U.S.. When a family member is infected, it may take up to 15 days or longer before symptoms are apparent. But during this period, a family that normally has small or large gatherings, like the family of Grace Fusco in New Jersey, may spread the disease to possibly all family members, as well as the socially connected community. This single Fusco family has already lost three members to the invisible threat. For close families, the 15-day incubation period , with no apparent symptoms, may be seen as the most likely period when intra-family spread may occur, unless additional guidance and protection is implemented. Families need to prepare in advance to protect themselves with face masks and other precautions as soon as any member presents a fever, cough or other symptoms . Advice from CDC: Get Your Household Ready for COVID-19 . This guidance includes isolating one or more sick residents in one room, for example.

Note: It's OK to smile (:O~] while wearing a face mask, using your eyes and cheeks. Practice in a mirror, just for fun! Do you see any models with face masks streaming below smiling? See Safety Steps Drill 1) - 5) below face masks display:

Hundreds of offers from various sources are presented from as low as $1.00 for comparison...

  1. Social distance with a smile, mask or no mask. The most important front line of defense against this frightening disease is your own personal hygiene, social distancing and discipline. Take a few minutes to learn when and how to safely wear a face mask, and the difference between a surgical mask and an N95 respirator mask, by viewing at least the first six to eight videos in above video playlist .
  2. Internal family precautions are the second tier of protection, including all household habitants (also described in video playlist), which are both critical to keeping your family safe and to avoid anyone having to escalate care to medical professionals.
  3. The third external front line, the health care institutions, are ready and able to help. Call your doctor, or 911, if necessary. You have most of the critical controls in your own hands. You need to protect your family from intrafamily spread with face masks and gloves before getting to this point, and even before testing, as soon as any symptoms are presented.
  4. The Drill: Roommates and housemates or families may want to practice social distancing, isolation and self-quarantines at home by taking turns with face masks as a drill for a day or two to be prepared for when someone has a temperature, cough or shortness of breath. Be sure to use non-touch thermometers , and protective gloves are also very important. Practice and learn under safe conditions before anyone presents symptoms. Also see video titled "Tips for Self-Quarantining ..." in playlist above. If the kids are home, make the video viewing a family learning event! Several videos are presented especially for kids, and also to address elders and grandparents with special needs.
  5. Avoid long and dangerous lines and crowds at stores by shopping online. For those who are quarantined or self-isolated, several sources provide daily pre-cooked meals, snacks, gourmet treats, beer, wine and most of all your pantry needs, as well as pet food and supplies. Gourmet and survival food can be safely delivered to your home! Help with the nutrition of elders in your family in a safe way, or send a beautiful food basket gift just for fun, maybe just in time for Easter! * * * If you believe Uncle Sam should provide all families with Free Face Masks and Toilet Paper, send your Hope Package Plea to your representatives.
  6. School Reopening will be a happy occasion for most kids, while the school administrators will be making things safer by reducing the size of the class to possibly no more than 10 to 12 students in any one room. Wouldn't it be great to make this small group into a social club, party or team? One team may compete with another in spelling bees or safe sporting activities like racket sports, for example. Get the PTA involved to synchronize families with kids in different groups, helping to coordinate for safety.

Note: For regular outdoor use or shopping, conserve the N95 filters from China and elsewhere by using only masks for pollution or sports as selected above . Save the N95 respirators with more protection at times when caring for infected persons or other dangerous environments. For seniors, we recommend N95 facemasks whenever outdoors.

* When someone is ill, first protect yourself and your family, then take the test for diagnosis, in rapid order! *

Wildfires - National Security Risk
Adapting to Climate Change

July 4 in the U.S.A. is also the biggest day for wildfires, with 7, 762 fires ignited on that date over the 21-year study period, which study is charted here . Preliminary reports indicate that the year 2019 is no exception.

Wildfires throughout the western USA (and many parts of the globe) are unfortunately wrapped up with a quagmire of inappropriate safety standards and a lack of safety infrastructure. We can do better, and sadly California is a leader in the wrong direction. Starting from prescribed burning that adds to global warming, causes pollution and, based on studies, hardly ever helps to interfere with actual wildfires that occur (only 1 percent success). Other studies show that about one percent of prescribed burns actually escape control by accident and cause more uncontrolled losses. Net effect: negligible protection benefit, added greenhouse gases, increased health hazards of smoke pollution, in addition to the wasted cost of the operation itself.

What happens when an irresistible wildfire force comes up against an Unsurmountable Wildfire Lithoshield?

Wildfires represent a heightened national security risk for four reasons:
  1. Wildfires are easy to ignite by a simple match or incendiary device, cigarette, flare, etc., which can also be concealed with a timed fuse, until the fire becomes large and dangerous. Simple rockets, such as common fireworks sold everywhere, can readily be launched into dry brush or natural fuels. Remotely controlled drones, which are increasingly more popular, relatively cheap and accessible, can also drop incendiary objects into more carefully selected targets. One simple match or discarded cigarette can cause millions of dollars of damage. The warmer winds and thereby more desiccated natural fuels are ready accomplices.
  2. Assets at risk include our precious forests and housing, as well as many observatories, communication towers, radar antenna, wind turbines, water tanks and military defense assets that are strategically placed on mountains, hills, valleys and plains that happen to be vulnerable to wildfires. Needless to say, many residents and more firefighters are put at greater risk on the front lines on the ground and in the air, as well.
  3. Added to the threat of domestic terrorists who may, in some cases, be mentally aberrant, as well as increasing numbers of homeless people who squat in or near the wildlands and who frequently start fires for cooking or to keep warm, there are also those who are motivated by groups like al Qaeda to engage in lone wolf attacks, including setting forest fires , as discussed in an article in Wildfire Today .
  4. Climate change could take a serious toll on the U.S. economy by expanding by 50 percent the area that wildfires burn —and raising projected damages by tens of billions of dollars a year by 2050, based on a study published by NRDC in 2014.
Science Projects Tips for All Ages A great collection of science projects ideas and recommendations for students, teachers and parents.  Your child has a science fair project due. You would like to provide some guidance. Chances are you've spent time surfing the internet for useful ideas. Even so, you might wonder if you have the necessary information to best help your child. 
Helpful Books for Science Projects A special selection of books about science fair projects at all education levels, from elementary to high school.  Includes downloadable e-books for last-minute help in completing your science project.
Alcohol Abuse - Underage Drinking A guide to measuring your propensity to dangerous drinking and ways to take control of your alcohol excesses.
Getting Things Done - From a Wheelchair Bonnie presents a number of educational videos on how to get things done from a wheelchair.  Gardening, cooking, organizing objects in the house, feeding and caring for pets, and many other topics are covered in this lively set of video clips on YouTube.
Grava-Space Theory of Cosmology Grava is a theory of cosmology and is presented as an antithesis to string theory.  The purpose of this web is to provide a comfort zone in cyberspace to examine and discuss the stuff that has filled our universe from the beginning of time.
Dark Matter Contents Explained Dark Matter Perspective – Resonance Builds Molecules. Why is dark matter dark? What is it composed of? What if it wasn’t there? So far, no theories have been proposed to satisfactorily answer these questions for most cosmologists, let alone providing a manner of proof. New updates on the Theory of Everything and Black Holes .
Is the Cube your thing?

Is the Cube your Thing?

Learn how to solve the Rubik's Cube from the beginning level. This puzzle will help you figure out many other games and complex algorithms involving space and time.
12 - Step Herbicide Detoxification Program Kick the Herbicide Habit!  Ergonica Twelve-Step Program to reduce and eliminate the use of toxic chemicals in your home environment.  Detoxify your lawn and garden in only 90 Days.  Do you really need chemicals to control weeds?
The Civil Gentleman - Are You a Civil Gentleman? The Civil Gentleman is a concept and path to improve civility between men and women around the world. It provides a way for each man, from youth to adulthood, to examine his role in civilizing his home and intimate relations. A code of ethics for the modern man based on the grace of nature. 

may wish to give this inspirational message in pamphlet format to each of their sons at an appropriate age. This will be a precious gift to bolster the spiritual integrity and maturation of your children. When doing so be prepared to discuss any items and questions they may have about relevant topics. When coming of age, children need to learn not only about their biological development but also, and more importantly, about the ethical issues and responsibilities of young adults and teenagers in transition to adulthood.
Discussion on Ethics Current issues on treatment of men, women and families affected by societal morals and the justice system.
MTA Travel Guide for Commuters, Travelers and Tourists  Commuters, travelers and tourists, may need a little guidance in navigating through the public transportation systems of the Los Angeles area in sunny Southern California.  If you're new to public transportation in Los Angeles, several photos and videos on this page may give you a better feeling for what's it like to ride our trains and buses? .  More videos here .
Books about peace and gender equality Learn more about the struggles for peace and freedom from oppression by reading books written by several hands-on advocates and leaders in the movement for worldwide peace.  Special selection also includes perspectives by women's rights leaders and other progressive advocates.See more great informational books about Aging America, African American Leadership, Asian American Acculturation, Democracy, Domestic Violence, Ecumenical Theology, Gender Equality, Hate Crimes, Human Rights, Latino Acculturation, LGBT Rights, Liberation Theology, Parenting, Peace Treaties, Poetry, Regime Change, Religious Activism, Slavery, Social Media Politics, Urban Violence and Terrorism .
E-Commerce Start-Up Info: The Maculator

Learn how to start your own business and receive payments on the Web with the Maculator.  The Maculator is a free Merchant Account Cost Comparison Calculator. Depending on your monthly sales volume, you may be surprised to discover that PayPal may not be the lowest cost alternative for you! In some cases, Moneybookers, iKobo or UBC may be lower. See latest changes in rates and services for PayPal and alternatives. 

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