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Giving 2(to) AIDS Victims

What do AIDS victims need? 

In various areas, AIDS victims or HIV-positive persons and their children often need medication, food, clothing, diapers, basic necessities and other items.  Many children in various parts of the world are orphaned by AIDS and may also be infected by the same disease.  You can give money, materials from your business or collections, or items that you purchase.    Below the list of Needed Gifts, the Giving Resources will help you distribute your gifts to the intended recipients.  Your local phone book lists many charities and you can also use the new Google "Local" search tool for charities in a particular city or ZIP code.  Check with the Giving Resource or charity to make sure that they can accept and distribute material or in-kind gifts.  Even if the item is listed on a wish list, it's best to communicate with the organization in advance of shipping any donated materials.

You can also help to prevent child abuse in hospitals, orphanages and homeless camps ...


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Needed Gifts and Supplies:

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Medication Most of all, AIDS victims need medication to help them survive day by day as well as to protect their friends and family members from possible infection.  The cost for medication varies geographically from a few hundred dollars to ten thousand dollars per year (in the USA) per person.  Currently there is no cure or vaccine to prevent AIDS.  Donating dollars to AIDS research is very much in need until a cure or vaccine is developed.  If you or your company can contribute AIDS medication, this will be much appreciated.
Food Most AIDS victims in various parts of the world are disabled and need food for themselves and their children.  If medication is available, they may be able to provide for themselves, providing there are opportunities for employment or other income options.  Unfortunately, many AIDS victims live in places where opportunities for earning living wages are hard to find.  Discrimination against persons infected with HIV or AIDS also limits the earning power of these individuals.
Clothing People who are too sick to earn a living need clothing for themselves and their children.  In general, families and children suffering with AIDS need clothing such as play clothes, sleepwear, socks - stockings , shoes - boots, underwear and sweaters - hoodies to keep them comfortable during cold weather. Your local charity specializing in AIDS services will advise you on specific items in need. See samples of essential socks we all need for comfort and safety, which you can purchase today...
Diapers Many mothers with AIDS need your help to support their children.  Sometimes the children are also infected with AIDS.  In some cases, the parents of these sick children may have already died from AIDS.  Diapers, baby clothing, blankets, baby food and similar items are all in need.  Many AIDS mothers were infected by their husbands who did not know they carried the AIDS virus.
Basic Necessities Many AIDS victims are unable to work or earn a living.  They need your help.  In addition to medication, food, clothing and diapers, as mentioned above, AIDS victims need personal care, volunteer services, housing, items for personal comfort such as blankets, pillows, beds, radios, televisions, books, and other items. Children's reading books can be helpful to accelerate the education of children while dealing with family stresses and illness. Step Into Reading books are available from Steps 1 - 5.
Electronics Many AIDS survivors are in need of electronic devices, such as computers and prepaid cell phones, to help them make a living.  Many also need TVs, iPODs, radios and similar devices to simply improve their quality of life.   In addition, many of the helping organizations list office supplies, such as computers, printers and other electronic devices, on their donation wish lists.  Several wish lists are provided in the Giving Resources websites listed below.

Giving Resources:

ABC Quilts Founded in 1988, ABC Quilts has a dual mission:  1 --to inspire and educate young people to make healthy choices about sex, drugs and alcohol, through quiltmaking and community service learning, 2 --to deliver love and comfort with handmade quilts to children who are abandoned, HIV- positive, or alcohol or drug affected.
AID Atlanta The mission of AID Atlanta is to empower HIV positive Georgians to live independent, productive lives, and to deliver world class educational programs that help stop the spread of HIV by reducing at-risk behaviors in targeted populations. 

AID Atlanta - Stop HIV!

Founded in 1982, we are the Southeast’s largest AIDS services organization, sponsoring education programs to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and providing comprehensive support and services for people living with HIV/AIDS. Also see HIV - STD Testing, condoms. Visit Atlanta, Georgia USA.
AIDS Project Los Angeles - APLA AIDS Project Los Angeles is dedicated to: improving the lives of people affected by HIV disease; reducing the incidence of HIV infection; and advocating for fair and effective HIV-related public policy.  Visit Los Angeles, California USA.
AIDS Foundation Houston, Inc. - AFH Founded in 1982, AIDS Foundation Houston, Inc. (AFH) is a non-profit, 501(c) (3) community-based organization that is a direct provider of resources for HIV/AIDS services and information.  AFH works in collaboration with other AIDS service organizations and non AIDS related community-based groups to reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS infection and to support people living with HIV/AIDS. Visit Houston, Texas USA.
Boulder County AIDS Project - BCAP The Mission of the Boulder County AIDS Project (BCAP) is twofold: to provide support, advocacy and education to those in our community who are infected with or affected by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and to serve as an outreach and information center to prevent further transmission of HIV and the resulting Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).  Visit Boulder, Colorado USA.
Bronx AIDS Services, Inc. Bronx AIDS Services (BAS), an AIDS service organization, helps more than 25,000 Bronx residents each year with an array of free services designed to meet the needs of this ethnically and culturally diverse community.  We work with populations who are too often overlooked, ignored, or ill served by the traditional health care delivery system. African Americans and Latinos comprise 95% of our clients, and more than a third are women. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people are also part of our service community. More than half our clients are self-identified current or former substance abusers. And, many of our clients struggle financially. Visit New York USA.
Bryan's House At Bryan's House, located in Dallas, Texas, we don't just care for children infected with HIV/AIDS. We provide kids affected by HIV/AIDS with the quality of life they deserve. 

Bryan's House Programs

In addition to our primary service, medically managed child care, we provide child development programs, support groups, play therapy, school supplies and clothes, birthday and holiday gifts, summer camp, and most importantly, hugs and understanding! Our wish list includes backpacks, school supplies, toiletries, games for children, craft materials and more goodies you can see on this PDF Wish List. Visit Dallas, Texas USA.
Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center Since 1971 the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center has been fighting for the rights of LGBT people around the country and providing essential services and programs to build the health, strength and well-being of our community.  Much of our funding comes from government grants that include restrictions regarding how the funds can be used.  We are dependent on private dollars, from supporters like you, to fund our groundbreaking advocacy work and to enable us to develop and provide cutting edge services—specifically for LGBT people—which the government doesn’t fund. We welcome your gifts of gently used clothes, and new underwear and socks, to distribute to the many homeless LGBT youth who depend on the Los Angeles LGBT Center. Visit Los Angeles, California USA.
Nebraska AIDS Project Nebraska AIDS Project, the only community based AIDS Service Organization in Nebraska, and among the oldest in the nation, was organized in 1984. Twenty years ago, a small group of concerned Omahans' gathered to discuss mobilizing volunteers and health officials to address an epidemic that was spreading rapidly across the nation and throughout the world. These visionary men and women started responding to a virus that didn't even have a name and Nebraska AIDS Project was born. Visit Omaha, Nebraska USA.
San Francisco AIDS Foundation Established in 1982, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation is one of the oldest and largest community-based AIDS service organizations in the United States.

Get Involved - Participate with San Francisco AIDS Foundation

The mission of the agency is to end the pandemic and the human suffering caused by HIV. To that end, we provide a comprehensive array of services -- including financial benefits counseling, client advocacy, housing assistance, HIV prevention efforts, needle exchange, and the California AIDS Hotline (800-367-AIDS) -- that directly serve over 100,000 individuals affected by HIV/AIDS. We reach over 1.5 million others through community outreach, public policy efforts, prevention campaigns, and the Web. Visit San Francisco, California USA.
Whitman-Walker Clinic Whitman-Walker Clinic is a non-profit community-based health organization serving the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region.   Established by and for the gay and lesbian community, our Clinic is comprised of diverse volunteers and staff who provide or facilitate the delivery of high quality, comprehensive, accessible health care and community services.  Whitman-Walker Clinic is especially committed to ending the suffering of all those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Visit Washington DC, USA.
Wool Works Resources This page lists organizations that accept donations of finished knitted goods or in some cases, knitting supplies. It's based on Joan Hamer's Pine Meadow Knitting News Charity List.  Over 40 US states are listed with multiple organizations in each state.

See the Gifts Directory for more suggestions.

You can help AIDS victims by sending this link to your friends:


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