Science Project Books for All Grade Levels

Last Minute - 24 Hour Science Fair Projects!   (When you're running out of time...)

Students and parents need a head start to get into science fair projects, especially when it's the first year for you.  Here you will find science books designed for children as early as the first grade and even kindergarten and pre-school.  These books help to smooth out the learning curve.  If you're not reading these books, chances are you can find them in the homes of many of your classmates.

Science projects are used by schools to help children learn about science by hands-on experiments and demonstrations.  Many parents need help in order to help their children get started.  With these books, you don't need to be a science expert to put together a good project.  Children learn better when the experience is fun and interesting.  These books help get over the confusion and panic that many students and parents feel about their first science project.  This way, learning can take place in a natural way driven by the child's innate curiosity.  Do your research as early as possible in order to reduce stress and make the project a positive experience for the entire family.

Science isn't everything, but if you make it fun, it can lead to a terrific future! If you're not sure about a topic, make it personal. Ask yourself: What did science do for me today? What can science do for me tomorrow?

Use these Great Science Projects Guides to Get Ahead in the Science Game!

24-Hour Science Fair Projects!

Several of these speedy projects are in eBook format and can be downloaded in an instant.  This saves you shipping time and costs, as well.  If you need a free Science Project Planning Chart in spreadsheet format, you can download it from Ergonica Free Downloads.  Don't get panicky, just get busy! More info about these science projects guides and more are also listed at the Ergonica Superstore...


•You are given immediate online access to FIVE complete science project guides.

•You get a list of easy to find supplies. (Most items are in your home now.)

•You are given easy, step by step instructions ~ Hypothesis to Conclusion!

•You have quick access to research materials.

•You see examples of charts and graphs, and have access to Excel and Microsoft Works spreadsheets ready for you to plug in data, so your charts are created like magic!  

More info about the 24 Hour Science Projects.

101 Easy Science Fair Projects - Download Today!

There is no need to go out and purchase expensive science project kits. With our book ($9.95) you will find 101 science experiments listed with detailed step by step instructions. You will also find a discussion of the principle being tested and why that concept is important.

Is the science project due tomorrow? Then you came to the right place. Our e-book can be downloaded in a matter of seconds and will provide you with dozens of projects that are simple to setup, impressive and easy to understand.

This book contains over 100 science experiments that are geared for grades K to 12. Yes…the classic "egg in the bottle" and the "erupting volcano" are here, but you’ll find many, many more fun and educational projects that are easy to do with ordinary household items.

This book is a great resource for home school parents who are looking for inexpensive ways to demonstrate different scientific principles to their children.

More info about 101 Easy Science Projects

Science Fair Projects Made Easy

Here's a checklist to help gauge your understanding of what a science project entails:

Do you know how judges grade projects? Do you know what they look out for?
What are the rules for displaying a project?  Is it necessary to perform an experiment? (Can you do a project without an experiment?)  How many different types of science projects are there?  There are so many different possibilities. Is there a systematic way to choose a topic?  How is scientific "Theory" different from a "Hypothesis"?
What can your child do if an experiment goes wrong?  How did you do? If you can confidently answer the questions above, you're ready to provide your child with sound guidance.

However, if you were unsure about some of the questions, we offer a book that provides clear and relevant guidelines. It will guide you and your child to:

  • Score top grades
  • Follow guidelines to save time and reduce labor
  • Learn from other projects and online resources

We've worked with the publisher (Science School Publishing Company) to come up with a package deal which includes the book, plus additional useful tools. This package will help your child with her project. We believe this package deal represents good value what it offers.

In addition, a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of this e-book will go towards our site. If you feel that we've provided you and your child a useful service, we would be grateful if you would consider supporting us in this way.

More info about Science Fair Projects Made Easy.

Science project due?
Take a deep breath of relief.
You've found your experiment!

Weekend Science Projects is an online package of
FIVE complete science project guides
And your life just got a lot simpler!

You are given immediate online access to FIVE complete science project guides. There's nothing to download!
•You get a list of easy to find supplies.
•You are given easy, online instructions ~ Hypothesis to Conclusion!
•You see full color photographs of all science projects - online!
•You see examples of charts and graphs, and have access to Excel and Microsoft Works spreadsheets ready for you to plug in data, so your charts are created like magic!
•You have quick access to research materials.
•You will experience the fun of science while doing your science project!
•You have our money back guarantee of your satisfaction.
•Best of all, your science project can be finished in just one weekend!

And all five Weekend Science Projects are available for only $14.95.  Don't waste another minute! Your search for a science project is over!

More Info About Weekend Science Projects


Super Science Fair Projects eBook

  • All the details of doing Super Science Fair Projects, step-by-step, in an easy how-to format so you can do your own science fair project... or if you use a kit or download a project from the net.
  • 170 questions to help stimulate your imagination so you can create an exciting project that will keep you focused and enthusiastic for the 1-1/2 to 3-months. That's how long it takes to do an extraordinary science fair project.
  • Easy to understand language. All terms are defined.
  • Lots of illustrations.
  • Resource page with live links on the net ... one for students and one for parents.
  • A Parent's Guide on how to coach your child through the process.
  • A great resource for home schooling.
  • Detailed checklist of things to do.
  • Winning science fair strategies.

Instantly Downloadable
Super Science Fair Projects


More Information about Super Science Fair Projects eBook


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Symbol of Gender Harmony - Through the Child the Parents Are Unified

The Civil Gentleman

A Code of Ethics for the Modern Man

For more Science Fair Project Ideas, visit the Ergonica World of Weeds Science Fair Site.

Advanced Science Books

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