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Giving from the heart...  60 Ways to Choose a Gift (and more) - You may Learn How to Become an Expert Gifter or Fundraising Hero!  

Collect Donated Items for Giving Gifts to People in Need ...

Or Buy Gifts at low prices from 2GiveNow Superstore ... including Gifts that Donate to your favorite charities!


What is a gift? 

A gift is something we give from our hearts.  We may give it to someone we know, a family member, one of our children, a co-worker - or we may give it to a total stranger, a beggar on the street, a victim of a natural disaster, a refugee from war, an orphaned child, or a victim of AIDS.

Sometimes we want to give, but we don't know how.  How do we give to a homeless person in our home town?   How do we give to an orphan in a foreign country?  Can we give a personalized gift such as a blanket or food?  Is giving money to non-profit organizations going to get the needed goods to the people in need?  How do we know if an organization is legitimate and will truly give our gifts to the needy? Here we offer a way to buy online and ship directly to your chosen charity. For example, you can order bulk quantities of antibiotics, bandages, batteries, flash drives, hats, shoes, pencils, pens, chalk, erasers, eyewear, dining cutlery, gloves, sanitary napkins, socks, toothbrushes, toys, diapers, panties, underwear and many other products in large quantities to be shipped to anyplace in the world, often with free shipping! See Bulk menu choice on left tree menu for a complete listing.

For individual donors, businesses, foundations or non-profits with limited resources, this may be the most efficient way to apply your cash with the most beneficial and accountable outcome. Some of the 60+ Ways to select a gift include baby shower, BBQ, board games, chocolates, coffee & tea, cold weather, diamond, ergonomic, feminine, fragrance, gift cards, gourmet, intimate, ornamental, pen, pet, picture memories, sexy, shelter, special star, sterling silver, subscription, tech, toddler, tools, veteran, wedding, and wine. A complete listing of Gift Items is listed on the left tree menu under Gift Items - Sets. Below this list are featured special promotional product categories including seasonal events and topics such as Jewelry and Wrist Watches which make a great gift any time of the year, as well as great savings on Travel. A number of popular Travel Destinations are also listed including Paris - France, San Francisco - California, New York - America, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, site of the Summer Games of the XXXI Olympiad occurring in August, 2016, and many more also listed on the left menu tree under Travel/Destinations.

Travel - Vacation Planning

planning your next journey or vacation, whether for volunteering or donating to a charity, possibly with the Peace Corps or working in a disaster site needing workers or volunteers or other objectives, such as a pilgrimage, sacred places, historic monuments, or world wonders, we have dug up some great information and resources, which can help you find your objectives and save money too! Whether you're looking for art galleries, museums or a solar eclipse, adventure or nature. These include special deals for both luxury, business trip and more affordable discounts. And let's not leave out the essential bucket list, family vacation, all inclusive, last minute, self-catering, staycation or honeymoon!


Look for terrific pricing deals on facilities and lodging such as budget deals, business class, luxury, hotels, motels, monasteries, timeshares, condos, cabins, B&B, homes, resorts, casinos, wheelchair accessible lodging, adults only, camping or in your travel trailor-RV from our trusted affiliate partners.

Special Attractions

Special Attractions we help you locate may include amusement parks, coral reefs, islands, beaches, sailing, hiking, bicycling, hunting, fishing, canoeing-kayaking, lakes, waterfalls, mountain climbing, volcanoes, caves, winter sports, recreation, national parks, deserts or entertainment. Remember, if it's summer here, it may be winter there, depending on the latitude! You can always find the climate you desire for your vacation in some part of our small globe. Search Google for convenient climate guides around the world. The seasoned traveler often selects off season vacation spots in various parts of the world.

Travel Guides

Travel Guides from independent publishers may be more objective than hype directly from venues. Many of these independent publishers are presented as eBook authors and different media publishers that can be directly downloaded to your mobile device eliminating any shipping costs. These include the travel authority Rick Steves, for example, or the renown Anthony Bourdain, DK Eyewitness Travel Guides, National Geographic Traveler, Insight Guides, Michelin Green, Marco Polo, Bradt Guides, Berlitz, CultureShock!, Rough Guides Snapshot and Travel Complete Profile in our selections at nominal prices. As you browse through the continents and countries in our extensive Destinations menu, you will see relevant travel guides by numerous experts in every country, including those by Rick Steves in European countries like France or Spain, for example.


Transportation Resources discount deals are important especially for some who prefer one type of transport service over another like airways, bus, rail, driving, bicycling, limousine, pulling a trailor, or ocean cruising. Plan and arrange for car rental and airport parking in advance with great deals from our trusted partners.


Travel Accessories should be planned in advance to avoid getting caught without functional communication devices and essential toiletries, conveniences, comfort items and cameras best suited for the occasion. Here we present special selections at best prices! For example, you may need to upgrade your phone with an international sim card and acquire special GPS maps, safe Wi-Fi port (for your tablet or phone), auto accessories, pillows, chargers, better camera, image storage, batteries and selfie sticks or a sports action camcorder-video when you're ready to show off!! And very convenient to tote a tablet to store digital travel guides and language translation guides. Most tablets today also include a camera which you can use as a backup for other cameras you may carry, and with Wi-Fi can serve as an email agent to reduce the costs of international phone charges. Some tablets we display also work as mobile phones. Whenever flying, make sure your backpacks, bags, bottles, toiletries, gadgets and luggage locks are TSA approved. Learn how to get TSA Pre-approved or PreChecked.

How about a special smart watch with an altimeter? Maybe some new luggage is due as well as a toiletries or cosmetics travel kit that complies with safety standards. A new credit card may give you the flexibility you need for a special trip including additional accessories.


Whether your destinations may include Africa, America, Asia, South Asia, Europe or Oceania, it's always best to plan as early as possible and learn as much as you can about what to expect and look forward to, including the apparel you need to travel comfortably and in appropriate style for planned activities.


Language Translation for Traveling can be facilitated by having a foreign language vocabulary guide in your pocket, bag, cell phone or tablet including specially selected vocabulary guides for popular languages like Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and many more. In addition to digital documents for your mobile devices, you can also download translator apps such as Google Translate or Sonico iTranslate. Some of these mobile apps translate both text and voice for a number of different languages. Learning about people you encounter in foreign places is one of the greatest rewards for traveling, and learning the language at least to a conversational level is usually the first step.


Travel Safety Planning may include guidance and resources like those we especially selected for your children or pets or for high altitude, weather, luggage locks, maps, etiquette, regulations and self-defense. Make sure any self-defense devices you bring with you, if any, are approved by travel regulations and laws of destination states and are safe for traveling. You may also need some advice or assistance in securing your tourist visa or passport for certain countries. Travel insurance is also a worthy margin when costs are considerable. Stuff happens, especially when venturing into new places for the unseasoned traveler. If you're a little paranoid about traveling, you can learn more about safety and also focus on safe destinations for minimizing known risks in foreign places. The better you plan and prepare, the more you will enjoy and be ready for any unfortunate events that may possibly occur. See Travel menu on left for more travel topics such as agents, currency, photos backup, printer, scanner and more including popular destinations in all corners of the globe.

Planning Tools

Planning with a spreadsheet is a good idea such as the templates from Microsoft including Family_vacation_itinerary.xlsx, Vacation_items_checklist.xlsm and Vacation_planner.xlsx. Click to download these spreadsheets or you can search for more templates using Microsoft Office Excel on your PC. You may share such documents with friends and family in your travel group to keep everyone in sinc and get mutual support and input. It's easy to use Microsoft One or Google Drive to allow your group to share these documents. Good planning in advance, with reliable intelligence, helps you to worry less and enjoy or accomplish more on your travels!

OK, this is a lot of information to help you plan in advance for a significant journey or vacation, but if you now need to get a good price for traveling from here to there in the near future, get some good prices by keying in your destination on this page here. You don't have to sell your soul just to get some prices from our trusted travel partners!

Giving while Traveling

Opportunities to Give are Plentiful: Regardless of your formal plans, you will inevitably encounter opportunities to give to people in need during your travels. Almost anywhere in the world, there are people, often young children, asking for help in the streets. Give what you can and be supportive by buying local handcrafts or tipping street entertainers. If your children are with you, this may be an occasion to teach them the joy of giving and helping others. Or go the next step to make giving a part of your plan. Plan to give and enjoy the opportunity to make someone smile! It may be a good idea to keep an extra purse or wallet of small denomination bills or coins as your gift giving wallet. Remember, you don't have to go out of your way to find people in need: they are just about everywhere you may possibly travel. But, if you are interested in visiting an orphanage, for example, most orphanages welcome visitors, especially those bearing gifts. See the Give-to-Orphans page for gifts ideas.

Broad Catalog Categories at 2GiveNow Superstore as indicated on the left tree menu include Home-Office Furniture, Electronics, Maintenance Equipment and Supplies, School Supplies, Apparel and Accessories for Women, Men, Girls and Boys, Sports and Fitness Equipment, Beauty and Health Goods, as well as selected Garden and Patio Tools and Supplies. Be sure to click on the closed menu tree buttons to explore many interesting sub-categories. Purchases through our 2GiveNow Superstore help to keep our wheels rolling through affiliate commissions so that we can continue to help you to help others. We do not directly participate in purchase transactions, however we vet our marketplace partners appropriately, and we invite any concerns from our participants. Each marketplace partner is clearly identified in each listing and will directly and responsibly fulfill your order according to the specified shipping paramaters...more

Help signs?

In addition to shelter, food and money, some people on the streets need help with signs they can display to ask for help!  These signs can be based on the lyrics of songs about the need for help, hunger and feeling down. Here are a few help signs you can print out, paste or tape to cardboard, and give to folks on the street, perhaps with a little string or stick to hold them up...more

What do orphans need? 

Orphans often need basic survival provisions, medication, food, clothing, blankets, housing and protection from dangers and abuse.  Many children are orphaned often due to extreme poverty, political strife, abuse and regional disasters.  The fortunate ones may live in care centers or orphanages; many others try to survive by begging or prostituting themselves in the streets...more

What do homeless people need? 

In addition to catastrophic disasters in various parts of the world such as earthquakes, fires, floods, wars, pandemics, tsunamis, hurricanes and cyclones,  a lack of income and resources and personal tragedies cause many persons and families to become impoverished and homeless.  Homelessness can be seen a an extension to extreme situational or chronic poverty for individuals, families or larger groups...more

What do children in hospitals need? 

Children in hospitals and other disabled or infirmed children often need basic survival provisions for themselves and their families, medication, clothing, blankets, and sometimes prosthetics and other expensive therapeutic devices and materials.  In cases of disaster, injured or dehydrated children may be struggling for survival.  Oftentimes a toy or stuffed animal may help to put a smile on the child's face...more

What do AIDS victims need? 

In various areas, AIDS victims or HIV-positive persons and their children often need medication, food, clothing, diapers, basic necessities and other items.  Many children in various parts of the world are orphaned by AIDS and may also be infected by the same disease.  You can give money, materials from your business or collections, or items that you purchase...more




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Just for fun, you can also learn more about the fabulous Fred Astaire, the inspiration for David Hathwell's poem "Fred's Girl", and buy one of his special movies on DVD or Blu-ray. Also available are movies and books featuring Ginger Rogers and Rita Hayworth, both mentioned by David in the commentary video as two of Fred Astaire's dancing partners. More star media from the good old days include Bette Davis, Clark Gable, Eleanor Parker, Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn and Marlon Brando.  


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